Jamie's Boudoir Experience

Jamie shares her boudoir experience as a AGP Brand Ambassador - by Jamie Lombardi

What is boudoir photography? If you ask google, this is what you’ll get:

“Boudoir photography is a photographic style featuring intimate, sensual, romantic, and sometimes erotic images of its subjects in a photographic studio, bedroom or private dressing room environment, primarily intended for the private enjoyment of the subject and his or her romantic partners.” 

Initially, this is what I thought too. Now, I can confidently say that I was so wrong. While yes, technically it is all of those things, that simplified idea of boudoir leaves out that boudoir is also empowering, powerful, confidence building and gives you a new sense of ownership over your body. Too often I feel that the word “boudoir” has a connotation of being raunchy or just one step above being pornography and not the incredible experience that it actually is.



Just about two years ago, I decided to do my first boudoir shoot with Abigail. By nature, I am not a super confident person. I do not consider myself to be particularly “sexy”, if anything I’m a bit more on the shy side. I thought it would be a nice gift for my husband on our wedding day and a nice surprise since it isn’t really something he would have expected from me.

I searched through about a dozen photographers, all very talented all offering similar packages but one stood out to me; Abigail. As I read about her definition of boudoir, her personal story and gleaned the energy of positivity I knew I wanted to work with her. 

Meeting someone for the first time and then shortly there after getting undressed in front of them is SCARYI would be lying if I said I wasn’t a ball of nerves when I walked in but within about 10 minutes of talking and goofing around all of that started to fade. Abi gave amazing direction for how to pose which way to look, which muscles to relax etc. while still being fun and keeping me smiling and laughing.

Some positions felt like they couldn’t possibly look good but then, like magic, she would show me a preview and I looked like a goddess. And for me to be able to say that about myself was a major breakthrough. At the end of the session when we reviewed all of my photos I was hooked. Not only did they look amazing, I FELT amazing. I felt strong, I felt sexy, I felt empowered, I felt like ME


The experience changed me. It showed me how to own my body (even if I’m not at my “perfect” weight, fitness level etc.) and to see what other people see instead of nit picking myself in the mirror. I knew then that I wanted more people to feel how I felt. So many women are so hard on themselves, they deserve to feel beautiful. 

Fast forward to a few months later. I had originally joined the Facebook group as a way to get some ideas for my shoot, maybe some resources for lingerie etc. but I soon realized it was a community of incredible people lifting one another up, encouraging one another to step out of their comfort zones, sharing stories, being vulnerable. It’s a safe space to share your thoughts, to get advice, to show off your selfies or your accomplishments.

When I saw a post about being a brand ambassador I knew I had to apply. I never thought I would be selected, but I believed in everything the group and the brand stood for. I wanted to be a part of redefining what boudoir means to people. When I was notified that I was selected I was shocked!

I was so excited but to be honest, I had a moment of fear too. I wondered if my husband would be ok with me sharing these types of photos with the world, I wondered what my mom would think, how some of my more conservative friends and family would feel.

I didn’t want to come off “slutty”. As soon as these thoughts went through my head I realized I was being part of the problem. I talked to my mom and husband and explained what I was doing, how empowering it was and what the whole community was about and they were extremely supportive.

Upon meeting all of the other incredible brand ambassadors, I knew I had found an amazing group of new friends. In the past year I’ve done three more boudoir sessions, made tons of new friends within the Facebook group and amongst the other brand ambassadors, attended the Galentine’s Day party at the studio and literally watched dozens of women blossom in front of my eyes.

Strangers becoming friends, shy people coming out of their shells, people who had never had professional photos taken looking like absolute rock stars; it was incredible. 


My confidence has grown, I feel so much more fulfilled, I am part of an awesome community of women and I couldn’t be more grateful. Boudoir has made me a better person. I hope that everyone can experience these feelings at least once in their lives. You deserve it.

About Jamie

Jamie is the owner of Keep it Sweet Studios and also an Abigail Gingerale Photography Brand Ambassador! She graduated from Rutgers University with a Bachelors Degree in both Psychology as well as Visual Arts. However, Jamie has discovered that her true passion lies in baking and decorating cakes. She’s always had a love for the culinary arts and recently have decided to learn more and experiment with different techniques of cake decorating in particular. She has also worked at Carlo’s Bakery in Hoboken (Home of the Cake Boss). 

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